The Joy Of Cycling In Lanzarote

Lanzarote, as we all know is a beautiful island and a very unique terrain, ideal for cycle tours. You not only enjoy the warm and average temperature of 20 degrees and above all year round, but you also enjoy the rocky trails along with the flat paths. It is also a really nice way to do a sightseeing tour of Lanzarote, visiting all the historical destinations and tourist attractions.

Since Lanzarote is close to the African coast, the weather is pleasant and can get a little windy, which is a challenge for cycle riders, but who doesn’t like a challenge, especially when you are in Lanzarote.

Lanzarote boasts of many cycle competitions individual or part of competitions like Triathlons throughout the year. There are many Cycling Holidays which you will come across, but they can make a hole in your pocket. Since Lanzarote is a prime tourist island of the Canaries, it also has numerous hotels, apartment hotels and resorts, which makes it much economical to stay at and still enjoy the volcanic mountain bike tours.

The Joy of Cycling is simply phenomenal, if you have ever been on cycle tours in Lanzarote, please do share your experience with us.