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Mountain bike tours on Lanzarote

Lanzarote is an ideal place for cross country mountain biking. On tracks and goat paths you cycle through the bizarre landscape of lava and craters. The majority of the tours you can start from the Puerto del Carmen area. The longest downhill track is 8 km, most of the others are between 1 and 3 km. In between, there are downhill and uphill stretches with different levels. The routes have a grade of difficulty mainly between S 0 and S 2 and some S 3 and S 4 ( see

Almost all of the tours offer short cuts and alternative routes which spare the steepest climbs and descents.

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Half day and full day tours

Guided tours on Wednesdays, Fridays and by appointment. Max 8 people in adapted group. Usually we take 2 to 5 people.

If you book one guided tour you get a gratis gps device for 3 further tours.

If you book a further tour, unguided, we will lend you for free a GPS unit with 3 additional trips.

Price: from 15 €/Person   >> Price list

Only GPS unit for 3 days: 20 €

Shuttle Service from Puerto del Carmen to Timanfaya / La Geria: 20 €/Person. In the north, to Orzola, i.e. the departure place of the ferry Orzola – La Graciosa, and in the south, to Playa Blanca, i.e. the departure place of the ferry Playa Blanca – Fuerteventura: 25 €/Person.

Tour 1: La Geria and Timanfaya

Puerto del Carmen – La Asomada – Uga – Timanfaya – Islote de los Camellos – Mancha Bl. – Tinguaton – Masdache – Montaña Blanca – Tias – Puerto del Carmen
Distance: between 43 and 62 kmAccumulated altitude: between 680 and 1100 m

It is the tour with the most spectacular landscape going through the heart of the Timanfaya National Park, across the Nature Park of the Volcanoes and the unique wine growing area La Geria. You will also enjoy two of the nicest downhill runs on the island.

Timanfaya/ La Geria bigger view.

Tour 2: La Geria and Ajaches

Puerto del Carmen -La Asomada – Yaiza – Playa del Pozo – Montaña Blanca
Distance: between 31 and 65 kmAccumulated altitude: between 530 and 1200 m
Starting from Puerto del Carmen, the route takes you through the vineyards of La Geria an the northern part of the Ajaches mountains. It includes 3 downhill runs of altogether 14 km.

La Geria/ Ajaches bigger view.

Tour 3: El Golfo, Papagayo and Ajaches

Puerto del Carmen – Yaiza – El Golfo – Playa Blanca – Ajaches – Yaiza – Puerto del Carmen
Distance: between 45 and 80 kmAccumulated altitude: between 600 and 1150 m
This tour takes you through the southern part of the Timanfaya lava field. From El Golfo you continue on the solidified lava along the volcanic coast to the salt flats of Janubio and further to the Papagayo beaches. The path back to Puerto del Carmen through the Ajaches mountains is remote and longer than it looks on the map. Some short climbs are technically a bit more demanding.

Tour in the south bigger view.

Tour 4: To the north

Arrieta – Orzola –Mirador – Haria – Arrieta
Distance: between 30 and 49 kmAccumulated altitude: between 980 and 1430 m
The north, relatively green with the oasis in the valley of Haría, offers a refreshing contrast to the Timanfaya lava field. Because of the steeper climbs and some challenging runs, in comparison to the centre and south, cyclists become aware of the island’s volcanic origin. The 9 km downhill from Tour 5 can be integrated in Tour 4.

Arrieta – Mirador bigger view.

Tour 5: The highest point of the island

Costa Teguise – Teguise – Peñas del Chache – Guatiza – Costa Teguise
Distance: between 40 and 53 kmAccumulated altitude: between 570 and 1065 m
The tour starts from the resort of Costa Teguise , first past the local prison and the largest rubbish dump on Lanzarote. In between, there is a German bakery and one of the few archaeological sites of the aboriginal inhabitants. Other highlights include a ride on the rim of the crater of a volcano and just 9 km downhill from the highest point of the island, the Peñas del Chache.

Tour 6: El Jable

Puerto del Carmen – Tias – La Geria – El Jable – Teguise – Puerto del Carmen
Distance: between 42 and 68 kmAccumulated altitude: between 550 and 800 m
The tour takes you to the former capital Teguise through the central part of the island with its sandy plain El Jable. The downhill parts are rather moderate and suitable for all levels. The beach below the impressive Famara cliffs is inviting for a swim. You have to be careful with the currents.

El Jable bigger view.

Tour 7: La Graciosa

Distance: 25 kmAccumulated altitude: between 150 and 200 m
Time seems to be standing still on La Graciosa. There are no tarmac roads and the inhabitants are mainly fishing. On your cycling trip around the island, you will come to pass some of the finest beaches of the Canary Islands. Caution is advised because of currents close to the beaches oriented to the north (La Concha). There are no major climbs, but the ground is partly so sandy that you have to push the bike sometimes for short distances.

La Graciosa bigger view.

Tour 8: Fuerteventura

Distance:45 and 60kmAccumulated altitude:450 and 700m
Fuerteventura is only 40 minutes by ferry from Playa Blanca and a bicycle tour on this island is always worthwhile. Please contact us for more information if you like us to arrange for you a cycle trip to Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventura bigger view.

Mountainbiking around the island: “Vuelta a Lanzarote”

Duration: 3-7 Days
Distance: 247 kmAccumulated altitude:: 3500 m

The mountainbike tour around the island in three to seven stages is a special way to explore Lanzarote. (on three to seven days) Bitte entfernen. On remote trails along the coast and through the mountains up to 650 m, you are immersed in a world of solidified lava and sleeping volcanoes. Excursions to the neighbouring islands of La Graciosa in the north and Fuerteventura in the south can be also involved.


We can offer you the following:


  • Accomodation in holiday homes at the end of each stage with two price categories to choose from. You will start and finish in Puerto del Carmen or Arrecife where you can stay in a hotel as well.
  • Transport of luggage to the end of each stage
  • On the road emergency service
  • Roadbook and GPS


If you want to get fit for the summer season or just spend an unforgettable mountain bike holiday in the eternal spring of the Canary Islands, you are with the “Vuelta a Lanzarote” on the right track.

Please contact us for more information


Bicycle Tours: Price list

Tour Offers Price €
1 Person 50 € / Person
2 People 35 € / Person
3-4 People 25 € / Person
5 People 23 € / Person
6 People 20 € / Person
7 People 17 € / Person
8 People 15 € / Person